Presentation of posters at the largest European dental congress EuroPerio9 in Amsterdam with subject “Guided bone regeneration versus alveolar ridge splitting as means to horizontally augment the alveolar bone ridge. A review of the literature and case report”. Many Thanks to my associates in the surgical-implantation team of The DentalClinic of Thessaloniki, Achilleas Iskas and…

The DentalClinic participated in the Annual European Osseointegration Congress of the European Association for Osseointegration in Madrid, with its scientific director Mr. Markos Rallis and the director of its department of periodontology Mr. Achilleas Iskas. Furthermore, a presentation of posters was made by Mr. Iskas, having as subject “closed sinus lift with the MIAMBE technique”.

The DentalClinic participated actively in the annual meeting of the European Association for Osseointegration, with the presentation of four Posters by the head of the department of periodontology of the clinic of Thessaloniki Mr. Achilleas Iskas and the presence of the scientific director of the clinic of Thessaloniki Mr. Markos Rallis.

The DentalClinic, investing in continuing education and training, participated to EUROPERIO 8 which took place in London

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